Sponsor a Child For "After Hifz"

Impact : This program teaches understanding Qur’an to Huffaz along with empowering them with teaching & communication skills and spoken English in 6 months

Sponsor a Child For Ramadan Camp

Impact: A needy child gets to learn Qur’an in the holy month of Ramadan along with hygenic and quality food. We teach him 90% words of Qur’an and Surah Baqarah in 10 days

Sponsor a School Workshop

Impact: Needy students will be given 1 day workshop along with quality hygienic food.

Donate For Main Gate and parking

Impact : Separate gate and entrance instead of shared entrance. Parking will be made available for 25 cars, Inshallah.

Donate For Seerah Walk

Impact: Students will be educated about Seerah and also Khilafat history and Muslim history.

Donate for Borewell

Impact: We are currently facing shortage of water in Summer and also when there is a residential event. So Inshallah, 1000 people will benefit every year

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