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Scenic surroundings to ponder over the verses of Quran

How are we different?

There are many resorts in Hyderabad. Most of the times, a visit to these resorts gives a regretful feeling because of the unislamic environment and surroundings. Not to mention the high prices charged by these resorts. When you book a workshop, you’re not only booking a campus with lush green lawns , indoor & outdoor games facilities, but also a trainer with powerful slides and worksheets. In short, you’re booking an experience that will transform your audience from passive listeners to active participants who want to change their lives.

Courses offered in QC

After Hifz

Read Al-Quran With Tajweed

Understand Al-Quran 50% Words


We believe that technology and pedagogy can help us to make the teaching and learning of Qur’an interesting and easy. Our courses and workshops have been optimized to facilitate learning of Qur’an in the easiest and most joyful way for kids and adults.

Amazing results of our courses


Activities designed

Schools participated

Ramadan Special courses

Enjoy Nature

Have Fun

Play & Learn

Halal & hygienic food

One day workshops
S. No Details Age Group
1 Surah Fatiha 6+ Years
2 A day with Prophet (PBUH) 6+ Years
3 Neuro Linguistic Programming 20+ Years
4 Introduction 6+ Years
5 Azaan 6+ Years
6 Parents Rights 6+ Years
7 Tahara Workshop 14+ Years
8 Tips for Successful Marriage 20+ Years
9 Luqman’s Advices 6+ Years
10 General Intro to Islam 6+ Years
11 Duas & Azkar 6+ Years
Event calendar
S. No Course / Workshop When Frequency
1 Summer camp Summer Holidays Once in a year
2 Full course Ramadhan Once in a year
3 Read Al-Qur’an Second Saturday Once in a month
4 UQ 50% Fourth Saturday Once in a month
5 UQ 70% Zilhajjah Once in a year
6 Teachers training Sankran Holidays Once in a year
7 School workshop 1st & 3rd Sunday
Twice in a month
8 General public workshop First Sunday Once in a month
9 NLP workshop June & December Twice in a year
10 General workshop Consecutive holidays
Once in a quarter
11 UQ short course Consecutive holidays
Once in a quarter
Amazing results of our courses

The workshops have helped my students to develop life skills & analytical reasoning. I would recommend this to one & all.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer

Director – Shaheen Group of Institutions

One of the best and easy methodologies to understand Qur’an. I have recommended & received positive feedback from all my affiliates.

Dr. Abdul Waheed

Ex-Executive Trustee – Aishabai Trust

Best methodology, best teachers, best activities, best ambience and a wonderful workshop. I enjoyed a lot.


Shaheen College

The 30 days of Ramadan course were the best and productive and has added to my Hifz efforts, Alhumdulillah. Thanks!



I liked everything in the workshop including food, residential facilities, lush greenery and especially training style. It's new and refreshing loaded with games and activities. Student, Shaheen PUC, Bidar.



The atmosphere in Ramadan is great which helps in absorbing important concepts easily. I loved the manner in which difficult concepts are taught and the friendly nature of the trainers and support staff . Ramadan course, Student 2018



Students were happy and satisfied with the workshop. Inshallah, the workshops will help the students to develop a successful personality. Janab Abdul Qadeer, Principal Shaheen College, Bidar.



The 10 days of Ramadan course were the best and productive and have added to my Hifz efforts, Alhumdulillah. Thanks! Ramadan course, Madrasa Student 2019