Based on the skill level, two groups were formed. Senior and Junior groups were formed. The senior group knew tajweed and basic Arabic grammar skills. Those who were deficient in tajweed and Arabic grammar were assigned to the Junior group

The following instructors taught the students:

1.Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem
2.Mohsin Siddiqui
3.Irshad Alam Nadwi (Incharge of senior Group)
4.Mohammed Younus Jamaee (Incharge of Junior Group)
5.Imad Hussain
6.Abdulraheem Nayeemuddin
Note: It was encouraging to note that Mr.Irfan, warden of the FINS, had a good rapport with students. He is knowledgeable and is soft in instruction. However, it would be more helpful if he gets the support of another resource

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