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To educate the Huffaz with understanding the Qur’an through – Arabic Grammar, Vocabulary and basic explanation of the Quranic verses. To empower the Huffaz with teaching skills and effective communications, computer skills, and English speaking.


To educate the Huffaz with understanding the Qur’an through – Arabic Grammar, Vocabulary and basic explanation of the Quranic verses. To empower the Huffaz with teaching skills and effective communications, computer skills, and English speaking.


The percentage of people who can recite the Quran with Tajweed correctly is very low, and the percentage of people who do not understand is abysmal. There are mashallah, thousands of Huffaz who graduate from madaris every year. Except a few, most of them are unaware of the meaning of the Quran. They end up with jobs of Muazzin, Imam, or learn some vocational skill and struggle with meager salaries, despite having such treasure of knowledge.
The UQ course for Huffaz will take the Huffaz to the next level. Understanding the Quran and train them to be the teachers and role models of society. Essential life skills training will be imparted to them so that they can earn a decent income and also at the same time, guide the Muslim Ummah as a teacher in school, Imam or Muazzen in a masjid.
An empowered Hafiz can benefit the whole society in various capacities. One of the most potent areas is education. There is an acute shortage of good teachers in Quranic and Islamic studies in schools. The graduates of this program can fill this void and provide a consistent supply of good teachers.
For the best results, the course is designed as a residential program.

Course Components [600 hours]

The course is designed to impart good foundations of Quranic Arabic and Vocabulary with some explanation of the verses. The following course components:

  1. Quranic Arabic (600 hrs)
  2. Teacher Training (100 hrs)
  3. Personality Development (100 hrs)

Quranic Arabic [400 hours]

Quranic Arabic will be taught in the following two steps:

Five Foundation Courses (100 hours)

    • C-1: Understand Quran and Salah

This course is designed in such a way that by the end of this course, the learner will learn 232 words approximately. Out of them, 125 words occur in the Qur’an almost 38,300 times, i.e., almost 50% of the Qur’anic words. As a result, the understanding of the Qur’an will become extremely easy after this course.

The purpose of this course is to help the learners to understand the Qur’an through translation, that’s why more attention is given in this course on “Tasreef” (word construction from a root). A new simple yet powerful technique of TPI (Total Physical Interaction) is introduced to teach different forms of verbs, nouns, and pronouns. Please note that this is an introductory course and you can surely read advanced books on Arabic Grammar at a later stage.

  • C-2: Understand Al Quran

This book, “Understand Al-Qur’an – the Easy Way – (Al-Baqrah, verse: 1-37)” is the second in the series. As the first book of this Series Understand Al-Qur’an – the Easy Way covers 50% of Qur’anic words. If you start learning Surah Al-Baqarah, after having completed Course, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that approximately 6 words in each line (out of 9) are from Course-1. This means you already understand almost 66% of the words of Qur’an, and not only 50%! This is because Surah Al-Baqarah does not have too much new vocabulary.

Once you complete this book, if you resume your study at the 6th page of Qur’an, for example, you will find, on an average, only 2 new words (out of 9) per line, which means that you will know 80% of the words! SubhanAllah! The Qur’an is indeed very easy to understand. In the grammar part, we taught only those verbs which have a weak letter in it (معتل افعال) with the same technique of TPI.

  • Description of C-3 :

Course-3 “Understand Al-Qur’an – the Easy Way – (Al-Baqrah, verse: 38-76) of this series is a continuation of the series. Once you complete this book, if you resume your study at the 11th page of Qur’an, for example, you will find, on an average, only 1 new word (out of 9) per line, which means that you will know 90% of the words! SubhanAllah!

In the grammar part of this book, Mazeed-feeh verbs (sound and weak) will be taught. These verbs occur almost once in every line of the Qur’an.

  • Description of C-4 & C-5

Course-4 constitutes next 5 pages of the Qur’an which named “Understand Al-Qur’an – the Easy Way – (Al-Baqrah, verse: 77-105). And course 5 contains other next 5 pages of the Qur’an which is “Understand Al-Qur’an – the Easy Way – (Al-Baqrah, verse: 106-141). The objective of these both courses is to help the learner in making him fluent in reading, understanding Arabic words and revising the translation, the practice of a different type of verbs and nouns.

After completing the whole 1 Juz at this style, now he will not find any big difficulty in other Juz till Juz: 28, as the new words are very high in the last 3 Juz.

In grammar part of these two books, we taught other advance grammar of Sarf and Nahw. Although, necessary and basic grammar has been taught in our courses, for more details on the grammar and words and its meaning, it is advised to refer to other books or scholars to get the correct meanings.

Study of the Qur’an cover to cover ( 300 hours)

After the completion of the foundation courses, the students are taught the complete Quran from cover to cover. This will be covered with a specially designed Mushaf. 

Teacher Training [100]

The teacher training module will focus on how to teach the above courses to school students as well as adults. The following topics will be covered:

  1. Lesson planning
  2. Educational Psychology with NLP techniques
  3. Classroom Management
  4. Student Assessment
  5. Key Performance Indicators of a Quran Teacher

Personality Development [75 hours]


  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • How to be successful as a Teacher
  • Understanding the school system 

Other Course components [100 hours]

  • Basic spoken and written English
  • Teacher Essential Skills – Computer, internet, MS office
  • Apprentice training in various schools

    Benefits of the Course

    In addition to the Imam job that a typical Hafiz looks for, he will have the following options: 

    •  Join our online teaching system (where he can earn good money)
    • Become an effective Imam (and not just one who recites) who can teach, explain, and train the audience
    • Get employment in schools to teach the subject of Understand Al-Quran or Read Al-Quran (with new approach) 
    • Start his own teaching by collecting children / visiting them at homes etc. using this new attractive approach for parents.


    What are the prerequisites for joining the program?

    A student should be a certified Hafiz. The age of the student should be more than 12 years and less than 20 years.

    I am not a Hafiz. Can I enroll in the program?

    Currently, we are not taking admissions for non-Hifz students. But if there are a sufficient number of interested students, we will surely inform you.

    I have finished my Hifz and undergoing Daura - e Hifz. Can I enroll in the program?

    Yes, you can. The program is designed in a way you can efficiently continue your Daura-e-hifz

    How many students will be given admission in the program?

    We are planning for a batch of 60 students. 

    Where is the program venue?

    This is a residential program which will be conducted in Qur’an campus, Mannaguda, Vikarabad, 65 km from Hyderabad.

    What is the medium of instruction for the program?

    Currently, we are starting the program in Urdu.

    How long is the duration of the program?

    The duration of the program will be 10 months or 1 year.

    What is the medium of instruction for this course?

    The medium of instruction will be Urdu as it is understood by a majority of Muslims in India

    What do you teach?

    We teach Qur’anic Arabic and life skills like English, computer and personality development.

    How similar or dissimilar is this course with “Aalim course”?

    Our course is different from regular Aalim course conducted in madrasas. It is much shorter in duration compared to Aalim course. It is designed & developed to empower Huffaz with the understanding of the Qur’an, by learning its vocabulary, grammar and a brief explanation of its verses.

    Do you have a regular Aalim course?

    No, we don’t. Alhamdulillah! There are a lot of Madrasas that are doing this noble work

    Is there a separate program for girls?

    Currently, we don’t have any residential program designed for girls

    I want to start this program in my madarsa/school? What should I do?

    We would love you to do this. Just give us the teacher we will train him and also support the Madrasa/School with all the course material and teaching aids like videos, ppts, books, etc

    Do you have scholarships for this program?

    Yes, we provide partial or full scholarships for deserving students.

    I would like to donate for this noble cause. What should I do?

    Please contact us on +91 8897399399. Our person will explain to you the ways you can contribute to this noble cause.

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