Donate For Seerah Walk

In the QC, we are coming up with a new concept: Seerah /History Walk

We plan to install around 20 such stands around the boudary of the campus with flex sheets and with each step of Prophet ﷺ life. major events / major sahabah embracing Islam; etc.

We plan to even note which Surah was revealed in that period in a box in that same poster. So, it will be a “living Qur’an” walk too (the Prophet ﷺ was a living Qur’an as mentioned by Aisha radiallahu ‘anha)

It will be an hour+ walk. At each stand we will stop for 3 to 5 minutes and mention those events; ask some quizzes; and keep walking…

This will inshaAllah be a historical history walk for each of the participant.

This project may cost us around 12 to 15 lakhs. Preparation, installation, brick walkway of 5 feet width; grass around it and some seatings here and there. I will arrange to send a detailed budget soon. It will be great if you can support us in whatever portion possible.

The greenery / ponds / flowers / grass / trees around the walk may cost another 10 to 15 lakhs probably. With chairs for people to sit down, think, note during the day too.

The length of the walk will be:

This can be a model for many campuses inshaAllah. and We can hold Muslim history, Indian Muslim history; khilafat history etc. too in the future.

we want to do that before this summer starts so that the children benefit from it.

jazakumullahu khairan for your support again.

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